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enneagram & Clutter Workbook

a roadmap for understanding how different personality types handle  clutter

Let’s get real for a second, friend

Whether you're a type-A control freak, a self proclaimed hot mess or somewhere in between-clutter affects each of us differently.

If You've Ever Wondered…

  • Why some methods click for some but fall flat for others?
  • What makes some people naturally organized while others can't move past the clutter?
  • Why some folks form emotional bonds with their belongings while others feel no attachment at all?

The answer may be rooted in your personality.

Using the framework of the Enneagram our workbook reveals how different personality type shapes our clutter habits. 

Each section guides you through journal prompts and questions, providing clarity, language, and strategies to help where you're struggling.

So, if you're tired of feeling stuck, frustrated and misunderstood, let's do this together!

Clutter isn’t limited to what you see on the outside, it’s about how it makes you feel on the inside.

Disorganization goes deeper than piles of paper on the counter, dishes in the sink or an overflowing closet.

Are you getting excited yet?


Enneagram & Clutter Workbook


Your guidebook to understanding how different personality types relate to clutter.


Let’s take a look at what’s inside


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The workbook starts by looking at the 3 types of clutter & 5 clutter pitfalls, prompting you to unpack where you struggle most.

As we walk through the characteristics of each of the 9 core Enneagram types you'll begin to identify what your personality reveals about your unique relationship with clutter.


People who experience lasting change share 3 core components: the strategies to help them thrive, the language to communicate where they are struggling, and the discipline to change what isn't working.

If you're tired of the conflict that results from clutter this is the workbook for you.

You’ll learn…


How to determine your Enneagram Type


Why the Enneagram is an important tool in self-discovery 


How to ask ENCOURAGING open-ended questions without judgement


organizing Strategies that align with your natural tendencies.  


Language prompts to improve healthy communication.

Ok, this sounds incredible!  how can i access THIS WORKBOOK?

Getting your hands on the workbook is easy! Just add it to your cart, complete the checkout process, and voila! You'll be on your way to unlocking your personality and decluttering your life in no time.


customer testimonials


With its colorful layout and simple language, this workbook helped me figure out my dominant source of clutter and how to apply it in my life.


As someone who is into personality types but just getting into the Enneagram, this workbook helped me understand not just my type but other types as well.

Emily K.

I feel like Laurie was in the room with me as I walked through this workbook. Thank You!


Laurie is the founder of Simply B Organized, the Host of the popular podcast This ORGANIZED Life, and an Enneagram 8. 


I'm Ready!